Every end is a new beginning

It is likely not "the End" of the Germanophone project at OpenOffice.org, but it is a new beginning for most of the core members of our German team.

Today several long-term members of the German OOo team declared that they will focus their future contributions to the Document Foundation and LibreOffice. The message was signed by 33 people, including both Co-Leads and most of the contact persons for different tasks.

We all have respect for the contributions of the whole OpenOffice.org community, including the primary sponsor and it's staff members. We acknowledge, that there have been areas of good collaboration within the last years, but at the same time "it showed more clearly that all the cooperation and the common finding of solutions sometimes faces limitations." To break these limits, we feel that we all need to work for a change - and we will do this at the Document Foundation.

Read the full message at the german mailing list and the translation at the native lang lists for further information.

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