Steering Committe Meeting Minutes 2010-10-27

Minutes from our last Steering Commitee call are now online at the wiki.

Topics of the call were:
  • Update on: discussion about community structure started (how to define members?)
  • Website: decision on CMS to use
  • Decision on where to have public SC discussions
  • Review and prioritize a list of next steps, discuss where to make this public
  • Update on development status / 3.3 schedule
  • open discussion
This was the first time that we had people from the community listening to our discussion. I hope we did not give a to bad impression of our English skills :) Actually we had only one native English speaker on the call.
The last item "open discussion" was a quick decision during the call - we opened the microphones for those people who just were listening until then and asked them for questions at the IRC channel. Seems that this worked quite well, as we got some questions, that could be answered. I hope, we can continue this way - but I'd expect that there will be times where we have to table the answers for some later calls.


  1. I Hope Drupal will be used as CMS.

  2. We choose SilverStripe to get a start with the website (we urgendtly need a solution for a more user-oriented website).

    But drupal would be the framework of choice, when we need more then "just a website". So the website team has been asked to do more elaboration on our needs and work on a drupal based long-solution .