Few first words

I must confess, that this is my first blog and therefore my first blog post ever. I never felt, that I have things to tell that are interesting or important enough to share them with the whole internet. Well - things may change and they do change.

The last two weeks have been very busy and exciting. We announced the idea of an independent foundation for the OpenOffice.org community and we saw the first people joining. Well - "first people" is a vast understatement. We saw more than 20 new contributors submitting patches, about 40 native lang teams started with translations and are eager to have own mailing lists and forums. Within the next week, we are going to get this started - and we will provide localized builds.

But it's not only about code hacking and translation. People start to discuss quality assurance processes, head for UX team, think about LibO features in general and indeed give input on the way the Foundation and the Community should be organized. In fact, we already have a vibrant community - we are moving very fast.

This perception of a fast moving community was also the reason to choose my blog's name. Initially I just tried to see, if I can do a palindrome from LibreOffice or LibO. LibObiL is one and it reminds me of the "LibreOffice mobile" - a thing that is moving, driven by a community following paths defined by the community.

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