How to define "Membership" at TDF?

As most of you should know we are working to make The Document Foundation an independent self-governing meritocratic Foundation. This Foundation should be lead by it's members, based on their merit.

One of the very basic questions to answer is:
  "Who is a member at TDF?"

Well - we (the Steering Committee) do not have a detailed answer on this, as we think that the voice of our contributors should be respected for this very important topic. So we want to discuss this here, before we come to a decision.

To get things started, I put some notes at the wiki.  

These are initial thoughts, but I hope, you get the idea, what we are heading for. Please read and send comments to the mailinglist (discuss@documentfoundation.org). For the first days I would not suggest to go deeply into details - we should get the general picture first (e.g. the very basic principles).

For discussion please use this mailinglist and join the thread '[SC] How to define "Membership" within TDF?'. If a new thread is started, please add at least the tag [SC] and the word "Membership" in the subject.

I'm looking forward to a constructive discussion.

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