OOo Council?

You might have read the stories about the OpenOffice.org Community Council session from October 14th. The most stressed words at this IRC-session seemed to be "conflict of interest" and "you can't eat the cake, and keep it at the same time".  It was all about asking people who are with The Document Foundation to leave the OpenOffice.org Community Council.

Meanwhile TDF members took the consequences and left the OpenOffice.org Community Council. I personally do not see a conflict of interests, as my heart is still with the majority of the OpenOffice.org community (and I know it's the same for the people who left the council), but this does not matter after all. Things are now as they are.

So now that this item has been resolved, I wondered, how the OOo Community Council will handle the situation. There are still many open work items (some of them delayed for several months already), elections should be prepared (to replace the members who left) and the like.

Looking at the Council Calendar the next Council Meeting was scheduled for 4th of November (one week ago). But there are still no Minutes available, Agenda has not been updated, the Council mailing list is silent for two weeks now (last couple of messages there was "Saying goodbye and farewell").

Indeed, the OOo project is busy preparing the 3.3 release. But shouldn't it be the responsibility of the Council to continue working on it's tasks and assure that project's governance structures will be in place again very soon? I perfectly know, that all this needs time and lots of work (I have been council member for some years, working on several items there). But falling in silence seems not the correct way get anything done (at least in my very humble opinion).

I really wish the OpenOffice.org project all the best (because I have huge respect for all the contributing members, even if we disagree on some points). And I hope that OOo will soon see a vibrant and driving governing instance which will act on behalf of the community.

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